Tuesday, April 1, 2014

No Foolin'

Today was my grandfather's birthday.  Had he lived, he would have been 93.

Yes, April 1st for the rest of the world is April Fools Day. But for my family, it was Grandaddy's birthday.  And he deserved to enjoy his birthday, with all the respect and fun due anyone else on their birthday.

And for that reason, out of respect for him, we do not play April Fool's jokes.

Now Grandaddy enjoyed a good joke as much as anyone, but this day seemed to bring out the comedian in everyone, good, bad, or otherwise. 

Over the years, we had all heard the stories of bad practical jokes that he would endure on his birthday.  Like the pilot , on a trip back home from California,  who told a plane full of passengers that my grandfather would get to fly the plane, just because it was his birthday.  But the joke would have been on him, as my grandfather actually could fly the plane, having been a mechanic in the US Army Air Corp in World War II.  "Just like test driving a car" he used to say, " how do you think we knew we'd fixed 'em."

Grandaddy also loved a good toe-tapper, so when I heard this song this morning on The Rick and Bubba Show, I thought it'd be perfect for today.

Happy Birthday Grandaddy!

Mission Temple Fireworks Stand ~ Paul Thorn - 
(Mission Temple Fireworks Stand - Perpetual Obscurity2002)

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