Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Bold Adventurer Succeeds the Best

"The bold adventurer succeeds the best" ~ Ovid

With an invitation, and an open mind and heart, I set my course.

After a four hour drive (and not getting lost once = score!) I made it to the Mississippi home of my friend. Meanwhile, Julz was making her way to the Mississippi Gulf coast, with the former in-laws for the wedding of Twin B. That will play into the story later.

The Lifeguard was happy to see me and that I had made it safe. He was every bit as handsome as I had remembered. He said that my pictures on Facebook had not done me justice.

After settling in,  and a short drive around the Ross Barnett Reservoir , we decided on dinner at a local Asian restaurant.

As someone who was no longer used to a man opening doors for me, I was unaccustomed to that, and other kindnesses L/G was showing to me. He wanted to treat me like a lady should be treated, and it was obvious that it was his habit. I have been a "fend for myself" girl for as long as I can remember. I had never been out with anyone like this before. It was nice, even for a control freak like me.

After getting out of the truck myself, L/G gently reminded me that he would get the restaurant door for me. Remembering my gluten issue, he quizzed me on foods I could eat and what to avoid. Traditional Asian cuisine is to be eaten family style, small servings from larger plates. He not only ordered our dinner, he plated my food and served it to me. Wow,  girl could get used to this.

We talked about our work and his big project. Our waitress was the wife of one of his team members, so the service was excellent.  As we made our way back to his truck, he complimented me on how cute I looked. I never quite knew how to take a compliment, simply because I would get them so rarely. I did manage to remember to say "thank you." I was wearing my favorite "Angels and Diamonds" tee shirt and black dress pants. I had forgotten to put on my heels, still in the back seat of my car, so I was wearing the rhinestone flip-flops that I drove over wearing. We drove back through the bustling shopping area to L/G's home. As we passed both a Waffle House and a Walmart, I couldn't help but think things would be okay.

Back at his home, he showed me to my room. I changed into my lounging clothes, a Championship tee shirt and shorts. Over a few cocktails we continued our conversation that we had started at dinner. We talked about our children.  His son is also in his twenties. He showed me a photo of him, playing guitar. We could have easily talked late into the night, but after my long drive and with a big day ahead, we retired.  The bed, that I later learned was brand new, was very comfy.

The next morning I was greeted with fresh fruit and a frittata.

After running a few errands...

It was off to see a few sights.

There was a community Easter Egg Hunt going on so the grounds were crawling with little kids!

 L/G enjoys photography, a shared interest of mine.

 He carried his infrared camera, that makes everything that is green appear white in the photo.  He shot several of the same photos I have taken here. Like this one

He also took this picture of me with the enormous azaleas they had growing there.

 (to be continued...)

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