Saturday, April 19, 2014

Lunch at Brent's

I only had one must-do item on my visit to Jackson: Have a burger at Brent's Drugs.

Opened in 1946 by Dr. Alvin Brent, this business soon became a Jackson icon.  It is also the setting for the diner scenes in the movie, "The Help."

L/G indulged me, and after touring some of the quaint bedroom neighborhoods, we stopped by for lunch.

The interior was an interesting mix of new and old. Booths and tables in turquoise and white. Memorabilia lined the walls. The staff was equally as eclectic.  The place was packed. We took a seat at the empty book of the end.

They were very busy. The staff was somewhat stressed. They were out of cups an silverware. Two young mothers with their young children, a boy about 18 months and a girl about 3, sat down in the booth next to us.  The little girl kept making eyes at L/G over the divider between our booths. I couldn't blame her.  He is very handsome and he was all too happy to flirt back with her.

While waiting we found The Apothecary in the back, the newest edition to Jackson's night life.

The waitress didn't even blink when I ordered my burger without the bun. I ordered a side order of fries. L/G ordered the cheeseburger.  The burger was a pretty typical diner burger.

After lunch L/G took my photo
Here are a few shots from the movie for comparison
We were down here on the end in the last booth
 (to be continued)

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