Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Celebrating Memorial Day

I celebrated Memorial Day with my Mother, the Chief, and Dooder. 

The Chief grilled out, and there was enough food for several meals.

 Dooder and I cut up and joked and I left with a full belly and  a stitch in my side.

The only thing missing were my kids. Thankfully they were having a blast, celebrating at the lake. I enjoyed looking through the pictures that Julz had posted. 

I took a few pics of my own.

The Chief also decorated for the event.

Goodies from the grill!

I left stuffed and napped the rest of the day away!
W got "volunteered" to help a friend install an above ground pool. In exchange for his help, they fed him too. By the time they were done, the Sandman had already paid me a visit, and I missed all of his phone calls. 
 I'm gonna have to select a louder ring tone.

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