Friday, May 2, 2014

Talledega Nights

Well it is that time again....

It's a Talledega race weekend.  Ugg.

Talledega is only 45 minutes from my home along the same stretch of I-20. Twice a year for 3 whole days, life is unbearable. But the tourist money is good, so I guess I shouldn't complain.

"Welcome Race Fans" banners and flags will be everywhere.

The RV's and the Winnebegos and other motor coaches pulling trialers with grills and hot tubs started arriving yesterday.  This evening, traffic may very well be at a standstill.The locals (and that stretches all the way out to folks in Birmingham) make use of backroads to get around and avoid the traffic. 

Grocery stores will be packed, as tourists buy those last minute race snacks. One won't be able to get into a local restaruant, like Cracker Barrell and Waffle House. Oh, and guess what: my county STILL doesn't sell beer on Sundays, Praise Jesus.  Heathens. Shop for it on Saturday night like the rest of us Baptists.

I don't have Miracle League this weekend (we do schedule around it) so I will be in hibernation.

In honor of the upcoming nights in Talledega, I present this clip from Talledega Nights, featuring my brother, Dooder. Look for him on the left side of your screen. He is the fella sitting next to Michael Clark Duncan (Lord rest his soul) on the platform.

Yes, we know he looks like Dale Earnhardt. That irony was not lost on the film makers either.

Pardon the language, y'all.


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