Thursday, May 29, 2014

Gluten Free Made Easier!

Eating Gluten Free has just gotten easier....and cheaper!!

I am acustomed to paying narly $6 for a small loaf of GF bread (really makes me not want a sandwich).  Mixes for GF items are equally as pricey, twice, sometimes even three times the price. I am telling you, it is easier sometimes to just do without.

I was plesantly surprised to find that on my last visit to Aldi (my favorite grocery store...focus on the food, not the brand) had a large line of gluten free products! They were also very economical, with is rare for gluten free products. 


I know they thought I was crazy when I snapped this pic, but I had to sent it to mother. The highest priced item I purchased was just $2.99!

It was very hard to not buy one of EVERYTHING they had (but I came pretty darn close)!

You will see, over there on the far right, the brown rice spaghetti noodles that last night's dinner post was made from. At only $1.49 a package I will be picking up quite a few more of these! The fusilli pasta (corkscrew pasta)  was just $1.29.

The chocolate chewy bars were pretty good, but at $2.49 for only 4, I will have to decide if that one is worth it.

I purchased two boxes of mix: a pancake mix and the mix for lemon squares. $ 2.99 each.

I was not expecting the Snickerdoodles to be actual cookies. I thought they were a mix. at $2.49 for just 12 that was a little pricey, but the soft-baked cookies were pretty good.

The frozen pancakes were a little dissapointing. There are 12 in the box for just $2.69, but when I got them open they are "silver dollar" size. Not bad. They are actually pretty filling.

The crackers were the best! $1.49 for the bag. I got Sea Salt and the Rosemary and Olive Oil. Yummy!!

I was disappointed to read that these were "limited time" offerings but hopefully as those folling a GF diet buy them up, they will consider offering them full time.

In the mean time, I've gotta stock up!!


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