Friday, May 30, 2014

He's A Little Bit Country....

My relationship with W reminds me a little of the Donny and Marie Show:
He's A Little Bit Country, and I'm A Little Bit Rock'n'Roll

I stumbled on this revelation several weeks ago when he made a song reference that I didn't get, which is pretty rare, because to me, everything is a song reference.

I'm one of those people who can come up with a song lyric for almost any word you throw at me. (Further evidence that I may be a undiagnosed Aspie) But I don't do "country."

I don't remember what  the song was, but he said, " You know, Blah Blah Blah Country Song by Blah Blah?"


"Is it a country song?" I finally asked, "Cause you know I don't 'do' country."
Though it didn't really help, he sang me a little bit.  Still nothing.
"Well," he said, "that'll change if you ever ride in the truck with me."

I was relieved to learn that he does enjoy the now-classic rock that we both grew up with, so we do have some common ground.

Having been in the band, I was exposed to music of all types. I'm not strictly Anti-Country, it's just not my first choice.  I tolerate it.

A recent FB post about how much I love Limp Bizkit's Fred Durst (seriously, the man makes my teeth sweat)  drew a "like" from W. That surprised me, because if anyone is the total polar opposite of Country, it's Fred Durst.

That being said, today's post comes to you in honor of one of his favorite country stars, the beautiful and talented Sara Evans.

"Perfect" ~ Sara Evans 2003
Restless - RCA Nashville
And one of my favorite songs, from the extremely handsome, teeth-sweat-inducing (despite being overly tatted, which really ain't my thing, but in HIS case, I will make an exception) Fred Durst
"Behind Blue Eyes" ~ Limp Bizkit 2003
Results May Vary - Flip/Interscope
Apparetly 2003 was  a really good year

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