Monday, May 19, 2014

Monday, Monday....

I can't believe that it is Monday again so soon!

I have a really busy weekend. "W" has been keeping me up late, and my days and nights have started running together.

Saturday was miserable. Despite getting the rain over pretty early, the whole day was cold (yeah, extremely unusual for  mid-May in the South). I ached all over, and spent most of the day wrapped up in my fleece jacket AND a fleece throw.  Several hours after the sun had come out and dried up all the rain, my hips, knees and back still throbbed. I told Miracle Mary that there had to be another storm front coming through. She told me I was being dramatic. 

When the next front blew in yesterday, I shot her an "I told you so". My knees never lie.

We all went out to eat after the day was done. I suggested my favorite Mexican place but this time the whole experience fell flat.  But my food was good, so it wasn't a total loss.

Since I can't tan and shave on the same day, I shaved my legs in a rush. That always ends up with the bathroom looking like the set of a 70's slasher film, but this time, I managed to only cut my leg once.  I can't believe that in 30 plus years of doing this, I haven't gotten any better at it. But my smooth legs will feel really nice on my new 1800 count Egyptian cotton sheets (Really...omigosh...they feel just like silk!!)

"W" had his children this weekend. I try to back off and let him be Dad, but he always calls me after he tucks them in.  That is why our converstations always run late into the night.

We compare notes on the places we should have met when in school. The parties that we both attended. The people we hung out with.  All the near misses.

He had been there the night when  the jealous exgirlfriend of one of my guy-friends, a preppy girl from the tony section of Birmingham, had chased me down, trying to provoke a fight by slapping my face.  He said the look on my face would have frozen Hell itself.  He just knew he was about to see the redneck girl school the prep on how we do it out in the sticks. But I had walked away, bravely turning my back to her. No fear. He said he always thought that was cool. 

All I remember of that night was the fact that she had come after me, unprovoked, in "the lot" that we all hung out in. Pretty ballsy, given she was out in my neck of the woods with my friends, instead of up in "the brook" with hers. The boy was not someone that I even dated, but we were close and confided in one another. That had made her see red. And despite the fact that slap had rattled my teeth, I was determined not to show it. And that I wasn't going to fight someone over something as trivial as a boy. In the end. they are really not worth it.  I heard later that the guy-friend had told her that he would never speak to her again if she ever laid a finger on me from that point forward.

I miss the girl I used to be. What have I let people do to me these past thirty years?!

I got a message from the LifeGuard, checking on Mother. Her phone was busy all day, so I didn't get to pass the message along.

This week is Kit-Kat's graduation. It's so hard to believe that she will finally be out on her own.

My mission is complete. 

Thank you Lord for those 15 years and what was accomplished, despite the obstacles of gambling,  mistresses draining our finances, and other fiscal irresponsibilities, and the toll they took on our home life. I praise you and thank you for removing that stumbling block, and how easy my life is now. I may be broke, but all my bills are paid on time, I'm well fed, and I'm not missing a thing.

Looks like I'm gonna be fine.

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