Monday, May 12, 2014

Matters Of The Heart

Today is the day that I have been dreading for some time now.

Today my mother has an ablation on her heart to correct her arrhythmia.

We were told that when all other treatments for it fail, the ablation has a pretty good success rate. I'm not sure how one doesn't have a heart attack waiting to have it. The procedure entails piercing her heart wall, to introduce an electrode that will burn out the area of her ventricle causing the nerves to misfire. I, for one, am terrified. I can only imagine how Mother is feeling.

I've tried, unsuccessfully, to distract myself all weekend.

 Having Auburn starting offensive lineman Chad Slade volunteering at the Miracle League was pretty cool. Being a hometown boy, he was familiar with the league and what we do there. He had volunteered with the MHS football team when he was in high school.

We let him throw out the first pitch
We paired him up with "Hot Stuff"  a local celebrity in his own right.

He even let me try on his National Championship rings.

Then my plans fell through and the remainder of Saturday was pretty much a wash.
Sunday, of course, was Mother's Day and Mother was pretty much on my mind all day. We got to enjoy lunch with Julz. We got to her work early and were practically the only patron's there! The whole staff came by our table at one time or another. Julz is a very popular waitress. Everybody loves her, and they had no qualms about telling us.
So today, I am back to being nervous. And praying incessantly.
I'm told that it's a pretty routine procedure.
But nothing is really routine when it's your mother, is it?
Updates to follow

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Deanna Pemberton~Linz said...

Many prayers for your Mom and a hug for you.