Monday, March 10, 2014

300th POST!!

Welcome to my 300th post!

Now I know what you are thinking...."Joy, if you've been blogging for seven years, you would be at your 3000th post, not just 300. "

And you'd be right. But unlike "before," when I had a family to look after,  I seem to have a lot of free time on my hands now.

With that thought in mind, I have been looking into burning up some of that free time with self-improvements. I realize that my definition of "self improvements" may be a little broad here, but there are so many things around town that one may take a class on:

I've been looking at some cooking classes that are being held around the city. They are a little pricey, but should be well worth the effort.  I'm told that I "don't know how to cook."  Not knowing and not wanting to are two very different things. And when your new loved one's very first words to you on the subject are "Oh, but I love Hamburger Helper! I am a pro at making that",  one chalks it up to luck that the boy can cook for himself and moves past it. Now is my chance to expand my palate.  I mean, really, there are only so many ways to cook a pork loin, right?

Pictures, not walls. Though I do have a few painting projects around the house that I need to look into also.  I have a classmate who hosts one of those "drink wine and paint pictures" kinda deals. Also pricey, but I understand they are pretty fun. And you wind up with something neat for your walls. Not really my thing, but I will try anything once, right?

How "old lady" is that? But I've always loved to read. That was something me and UPS Guy had in common. We were both avid readers and could discuss/debate our (often opposing) views on various topics. Though he did agree with me on my "why limit God because he could have created aliens too" theory. I will never forget his reaction to that statement. It had caught me so off guard it startled me "EXACTLY!"   He had kept me on my toes the whole time we dated.  Perhaps I will meet another smart guy like him.

A local gun club here offers all sorts of classes.  Now that I live by myself again,  I really need to get comfortable with my firearm. I am especially interested in "Machine Gun Mondays!"

A first love, almost as old as the writing. Of course, I will need a good camera for this one. Maybe one for next year.

I am seriously considering going back to Toastmasters. I had really enjoyed that, and it was an extension of my writing, that I can apply in my everyday life.

There are also some things I would love to do, just once,  to say "Hey, I've done that."

I can think of many practical applications for this skill, can't you?

 Yes, there are pole dancing classes for fitness. I understand that it really focuses on your core.  But there are practical applications as well. Not only could I get fit, I could also learn a trade and pick up a little extra money. An improvement for my financial well being as well!

I am a control freak. A lot of the reason that I do not fly is because I have to surrender control to the unknown, for the purpose of travel. While the unknown is possible in every scenario, the possibility of plummeting from the sky in a large metal tube, is currently not one I have to worry about.  But how cool would it be if suddenly all the flight crew became unconsious and they needed someone to fly the plane, and I could say that I knew how?

The beautifully choreographed dances are both romantic and inviting. There is something about the discipline and structure that appeals directly to my obsessive complusive nature. The only problem is that one needs a partner, of which I am woefully without at the moment.

I was on a swim team.  I was a lifeguard. Never really thought about SCUBA lessons, but hey, anything once right?

(I'm  starting to sense a theme here)
I think I'm too old for the curly wig and ornately embroidered costume, but how cool would it be to know something from my heritage?  (Yes Mother, I know your side is English, but they don't offer English step dancing now do they?)

As I ponder what avenues to explore, I ask that those readers who are faithful, praying people, please keep me in your prayers. I have been through so many changes already: self-examination, facing and coming to terms with some hard truths,  making the necessary changes toward improving, growing as a person.

2014 is the year of a better, stronger, more self-reliant Joy.
Praying for God's providence over my life. Please join me in that prayer.


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