Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Thanks Y'all!

I have the sweetest group of friends!  My fellow Prayer Warriors! This is a group of women who come together twice a week to pray.

 I had come to them, distraught over a "situation"  I had just learned about, in order for them to pray.

( For the record, I will briefly address it here and be done: Someone is spreading a rumor about me.  I can't believe anyone would enteratain that as a plausible scenario, given my feelings and recent experience on the subject. I would NEVER even consider it, and all the players involved know it. Not now, not ever. But some people must deflect the attention from themselves by pointing fingers at others. Rumors are just talk. I know the REAL TRUTH. )

Not only did these ladies pray over it immediately, they sent me these beautiful flowers today to cheer me up and remind me that God knows the truth, and that regardless the outcome, He loves me.

They had no idea that yellow roses are my favorites!

Thank you ladies!
I am truly blessed to have you as freinds


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