Monday, March 24, 2014

A Note To My Son: I Love You Regardless


I love you regardless.
You are still the little boy who won my heart that first day I met you and you hugged me
or that day when you were six and you asked if you could "just call (me) Mom."
I chose you and your sister. A choice I will never regret.
You are the smartest, most talented guy I know.
This is just one in a myriad of things that makes you unique and interesting.
 I pray that you find love and happiness with someone truly special, who finds you as special as I do.
Take your time. No need to rush into anything
Remember, sex is not love. One can have sex over and over again without ever feeling love.
That is Lust. Never confuse the two.
For that reason, do not give your heart to the first person with whom you share intamacy.
That is the quickest way to be hurt.
But know that I love you, and I support whatever you do.
You will ALWAYS be my son, and nothing, will ever change that.
I love you

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