Sunday, March 16, 2014

A Great Weekend!

What a great weekend!
I was treated to a trip to a sweet little B&B, just a 45 minute drive from the house, Blue Springs Manor.
The change of scenery, even ever so slight, was exactly what I needed!
The house was enormous and the grounds were beautiful.
In my opinion, our room, "The Columns" was the prettiest in the place,

After wandering through the gardens...

...and feeding these little guys... was time to head out to the hot tub!  Mimosas anyone?

The water was just right!
While hanging out by the pool I kept hearing, what sounded like a rousing game of Marco Polo, but since we were in the pool, I wasn't sure where it was coming from.
That was when I was introduced to Renee, the parrot in residence, who promptly asked if I wanted a peanut, and creamer for my coffee!
During the course of the day Renee would mimic ringing and whistling cell phones, tell people to "Hush!"  or "please be quiet" and remind everyone that there was "coffee, hot chocolate and tea, Cups were under the cupboard." He also tried to start up Marco Polo....calling out one or the other as people went by.
Dinner was a fantastic! I had salmon on a bed of couscous with asparagus. For desert I had a slice of cake and home-mad ice cream, drizzled in chocolate sauce.
Hard to believe this yummy slice of cake is gluten free! (Thank you again for remembering)
Then off to swing off the calories on the front porch swing.
The bed was super comfy!

Named 2011 Best Bed and Breakfast and it was easy to see why! The staff was very friendly and courteous. The food was amazing!

I especially loved the home made (and gluten free...thank you again) orange breakfast muffins!

I will definitely be visiting here again! I had such a great time, even the rain today couldn't dampen my spirits!

~ feeling appreciated ~

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