Thursday, March 6, 2014

I Think I'll Give Up Facebook For Lent

Yeah, right... like that is going to happen.

Actually, I think I will give up ice cream again.  I was feeling pretty sassy the other night in Wallyworld and thought "What the hell?" and bought the fixin's  for banana splits.

I only had one, because I completely forgot about them. I did have some ice cream on Fat Tuesday, not realizing that it was Fat Tuesday. Ice Cream for 38 more days. Oh well.
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As I was driving into work today, the guys in the Kick Off Hour of The Rick And Bubba Show were discussing cell phones. Specifically texing and walking and how dangerous it has become.

They discussed that phones had evolved from the "suitcase" (Elvis had one of those, one of the first, it's on display at Graceland, along with his other crap), to the bag (that my grandparents had, kinda like the bag your video camera was kept in) to the large, unweildy gray plastic phone that was like a big handset with an eigh inch antenna, to what we are all carrying around in our pockets today.

They mused what life would be like without cell phones.

I can honestly say that my life was simpler, and much less stressful.

Remember the days when you could escape to a movie? Or wander around a store? Oh hell, wander around just about anywhere without someone calling to see where you were and what you were doing. I kinda miss those days.

I took these pictures with my phone and sent them to my email.


(More new pants...sorry, I'm just so excited that I'm at my goal weight! Who knew it would be so easy?)

(speaking of phones, here is

I took them, and texted them, and here they are.

Fifteen years ago, that wasn't possible.

Heck, I remember when film developing in an hour wasn't possible.

My cousin (Whom we all call Beefy...don't ask me why) sent me a message from his phone from one of the first camera phones ever marketed.  Since he is a "techie" and worked for one of the leading software firms in the country, he had access to the latest and greatest.

It was a picture of him on the observation deck atop the World Trade Center, American flag waving in the breeze, the New York skyline in the background.  I remember thinking how cool it was that he had taken that picture with his phone!

Funny how dependent we beomone on these little gadgets.

I really don't like having this little "electronic leash," tethering me to all the rest of the world, who can find me at a moment's notice. But they are convienent. And for convienence sake is how I got my first one. I couldn't tell you how long ago it was, just that it seems like forever. I had a flat on the way to work and no way to get help. Or call the office to tell them what happened.  48 hours later, BOOM, we had phones.  But in all that time, this is only my fourth or fifth one. I am OCD, so I really take good care of things.

That is also how the stalker made his way into my life.

One day last week, I left my phone on the charger in the living room. I was getting on the interstate before I realized that I had left it.  For something that I really do not care for much, I felt like I had cut my left arm off!  I never realized how much I look at my phone throughout the day until I didn't have it to look at.

I answer the phone for a living. I speak to hundreds of people everyday, many none to happy with my company over one thing or another. Because I am in management, I get the extra special cases: the angry customers that my staff can't get calmed down.  Over the past twenty-three years, it has made me a little calloused and cold toward talking on the phone after hours.

I have a classmate who is contemplating doing away with their home telephone.
I can't believe they haven't already.


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