Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Terrific Tuesday!

Today is the day that I finally go back to my cardiologist and surprise him with my stunning weight loss!  ( Check back later for an update on how that goes. )

I was so excited that I made it to the end of my street before I realized that I wasn't wearing my glasses.

I'm also excited that my favorite Banana Republic clearance find turned into such a great re-do!

A little tailoring, and it looks like a million bucks!

I must have been having a bad hair day back in July when I took the picture on the left. Why else would I crop out my head?
The tailored version is on the right.

Big difference, right? 
 I am definately smaller through the midsection. I'm still not completely convinced that my trainer isn't trying to kill me, but something we are doing is working.
My self confidence, that has taken a blow these last few months, is steadily regaining strength. But there is one thing that has always been pretty strong.  I love meeting new people and I can strike up a conversation with just about anyone!  People tell me that is a gift.  Actually, it was a skill I had to develop. Everyone is pretty surprised to find that I was painfully shy as a child. I'd hide behind my mother's skirts and peep out. Men and boys were especially difficult.  But as I grew older, I found it important to make those connections with people.
I like for everyone to feel comfortable, and work to draw everyone into the fun. My motto has always been "no wallflowers on my watch!"
This week I am in a management training class with several of our guys from out in the field. It's been fun learning about them and the cities they come from.  I'm really glad that I wore this dress today because I snagged an invite to dinner at PF Chang's!
This is going to be a Terrific Tuesday!
3 pm Update: Doctor appointment postponed until next week (boo!)
9pm Update:  Just got in from dinner at PF Chang's! I had the chicken lettuce wraps, Szechuan Beef, and just a bite of the richest cheesecake I've had in a long time. I'll be paying for that one later...but it was sooooo worth being sick over!

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