Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Weekly What I Wore: More Side By Side Comparisons

Here is yet another side by side comparrison of my weight loss.

I have had to replace my dress slacks and skirts and tailor some pieces (as in yesterday's post), but some, like this sweater and tee combination (that I LOVE by the way) I am just doing the best with what I have.

When I create the slide of the pictures, I can lay one on top of the other to get them as close to the same size as possible. It looks a little like I'm leaning in the "after" picture,  but as you can see from the grid on the floor, I think the camera is leaning more than I am. (Stupid new phone) I tried straighting that up but can only rotate it so far with the editing software here.

This is a side by side with a photo taken in June of last year  (left) as compared this one taken this week.

Pardon my hair in the "after" picture on the right.  it's time for a haircut.

I can really tell a difference in both my face and my midsection. See how the sweater is pulling back from my tummy in the right photo. And look how slim my face is! I can also see definition in my chin, neck, and collarbones. Hard work is really paying off!


I remember that had felt pretty good about how I was looking in this photo from June. Now I feel even better!

I promise that I am going to improve on the background of all these "selfies."  This is the ladies room at my office, where there is a large, floor-length mirror by the door. The lighting is not great and sometimes is hard to guage where it is actually hitting you, hence the narly shadows. When I can snag someone to take one in the lobby, I do it.

 My next big expense in the "closet room" is a standup mirror, so I can start posting some pics from home.  Then I will put more thought into my background.

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Have a great day getting over "the hump!"

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